How To Find Kuwait Civil ID Reference Number Easily 2024?

National identity cards (IDs) are issued and renewed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait. Furthermore, it provides residency numbers to foreigners who live in the country. Reference numbers and ID numbers are the same for identification documents.

The civil ID can be found at the bottom of the document. As the civil ID’s reference number is required for many transactions and services, this article will explain where to find it.

PACI, the Department of Public for Civil Informatics, issues Alhazimiyah cards, also called Bitaqiyyah cards. The civil identification card contains four parts: the civil ID number, the sponsor’s name, the type of visa, and the expiration date.

Kuwait Civil IDs must be acquired within 30 days of obtaining a resident’s permit.

Where Can I Find My Residency Number?

The reference number consists of nine digits and appears on the back of the civil card, between the “serial number” and “address”. A reference number can also be found on the entry visa and the unified number can be found on the passport name.

Among the United Arab Emirates states, Kuwait has its own identity documents known as Civil IDs. The Ministry of Interior’s portal offers all e-government services, including those offered by the General Department of Traffic and the General Department of Residency Affairs, with your residency number.

Kuwait Civil Identification Number

Civil identification numbers are required for all residents. The reference number remains the same regardless of which sponsor the owner chooses, or whether the owner returns to Kuwait after an extended absence. As a result, Kuwait Civil ID is required. Civil ID numbers are combined with the date of birth of the owner.

To keep track of citizens’ employment, taxes, and government benefits, many governments issue national identification numbers.

Nation-specific numbers have been assigned to nations for a variety of purposes, but now they are used for official identification.

Driving a car, opening a bank account, and applying for a credit card almost all require a driver’s license. Nations without uniform national identification numbers must create their own ID numbers despite the danger of mismatching identities.

How do I renew my Kuwait civil ID number?

During the following intervals, Kuwaiti civil identification numbers must be renewed:

  • Identification cards expire after a specific period of time.
  • Sponsors change.
  • Changing residences.

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Documents required for the first application for a civil ID include:

  • A photocopy of the passport page containing personal information and a stamp indicating residency
  • Security clearances or fingerprints are required for individuals over sixteen (16).
  • Kuwaiti citizens must have authentic birth certificates
  • Certificate of blood group.
  • Address verification
  • Sponsors’ joint statement

Kuwaiti civil identification documents for newborns:

  • A birth certificate
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport
  • A child’s passport
  • Documents required for the renewal or alteration of a visa holder’s civil identification are as follows:
  • Passport photocopied
  • Sponsorship Declaration
  • Currently used identification
  • Address change justification

How to Check Kuwait Civil ID Fine Online?

Reference Number For Kuwait

In this section, you will learn how to find your Kuwaiti Reference Number. It is quite easy to find Kuwaiti Reference Numbers. The following steps and procedures will guide you through the process of locating your Reference Number.

The reference number can be found by following three steps:

  • A civil identification number.
  • Several passports.
  • Date of expiration of the passport.
  • A reference number can be found by following the three steps below. You should be familiar with them.

Find Kuwaiti Reference Numbers

You can find a Kuwait Reference Number by following this simple guide. You can find Kuwaiti reference numbers by following these steps:

Step 1:  Find the Civil Id Reference Number by clicking here.

Step 2: Select English as your language, and follow the instructions in this image.

Step 3: Click on the Arrow Sign at the bottom of the page by following the image below. You will be taken to a new page after clicking that option.

Step 4: A new box will open, where you need to enter your information

  • 1st Civil ID Number 
  • 2nd click on Other Nationality

Step 5: You’ll be directed to a new page where you can enter your information.

  1. Civil Id Number
  2. Passport Number
  3. Passport Expiry Date

You can find out more by looking at the image below

Once you have provided all this information, click Get.

Step 6: You will see your civil ID reference number after clicking the get option.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Online Process

Frequently Asked Questions

In Kuwait Civil ID, what is the reference number?

A reference number can be found by providing the Civil Identification Number (CIN), passport number, and passport expiration date.

Where can I find the reference number of my civil ID?

A civil card’s reference number, located between the serial number and address, has nine numbers.

How do I find my Kuwait Civil ID residency number?

Do you know what a Kuwait residency card is? It is a long code number printed on a paper document you receive after receiving your Residency Permit.

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