Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Online By Passport Number 2024

Electronic services have made it easier than ever for Kuwaitis to check the status of their Civil IDs using their passport numbers.

Kuwaiti nationals and residents alike can benefit from this streamlined and efficient process. The following article provides a detailed guide on how to check your Civil ID status using your passport number.

Accessing Electronic Services

Accessing the Electronic Services platform is the first step in checking your Kuwait Civil ID status. By visiting the official website of the relevant government department, you can obtain a Civil ID.

Selecting the Inquire Option

When you are on the Electronic Services homepage, look for the option to inquire about your Civil ID status. You might find this option under “Check Civil ID Status” or “Inquire about Internal Reference Number.”

Providing Necessary Information

Different information will be needed based on your Kuwaiti nationality or residency:

For Kuwaiti Nationals

Enter the date on which your nationality was issued. As a Kuwaiti citizen, this is an essential step.

For Residents

Enter the expiration date and passport number of your passport. Your Civil ID details must be accurately retrieved by the system using this information.

Initiating the Inquiry

Click on the “Inquire” icon once you’ve entered the required information accurately. The Kuwait Civil ID status associated with the passport number will be retrieved and displayed as a result of this action.

Understanding the Results

The system will provide you with the current status of your Civil ID once you initiate the inquiry. One of the following categories could apply to the status:


You are entitled to all the privileges associated with your Civil ID as long as it is valid and active.


The Civil ID you have on file has expired. To avoid any inconvenience, you should renew it as soon as possible.

Under Processing:

Civil IDs are currently being processed, as indicated by this status. It may result from renewing an existing ID or applying for a new one.

Blocked or Suspended:

Legal or administrative issues may cause a Civil ID to be blocked or suspended in some cases. For further guidance, contact the relevant authorities if you encounter this status.


By using the Electronic Services platform, you can check your Kuwait Civil ID status by passport number in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Kuwaiti nationals and residents can easily access their Civil ID information by following the steps outlined in this guide. You can keep track of your Civil ID’s validity and take timely action, including renewing it, if necessary, by monitoring it regularly.

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