Kuwait Civil ID Card Payment Online | Steps To Pay 5KD

A Kuwait Civil ID Card Payment is an essential part of the application and renewal process for Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates. A step-by-step guide is provided here for making a Kuwait Civil ID Card payment online.

Kuwait Civil ID Card Payment 2024 Easy Guide

There are several ways in which Kuwait civil id cards can be paid. PACI service centers or online are both options for making the payment if you wish to make it in person. The steps for making an online payment are as follows:

  • Click on the “ePay” button on the PACI website.
  • The amount of your payment and your Civil ID number must be entered.
  • You can pay with KNet or a credit/debit card.
  • To complete the payment, click the “Payment” button on the screen.

PACI Civil ID Payment

Payments are made easier with the help of an online payment platform provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). Payment for Kuwait Civil ID Cards can be made via the PACI website by following these steps:

  • Please visit paci.gov.kw for more information about PACI.
  • On the menu bar, you will find an option called “e-services.”.
  • Click on the “civil id payment” drop-down menu.
  • Your name and contact information, as well as the Civil ID Card number, must be entered.
  • Upon verifying your details, you can pay using KNET, a credit card, or a debit card.

Civil ID Card Payment Cost 5KD

Kuwait Civil ID Card Payment

Both Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates must pay a nominal fee for Kuwait Civil ID Cards. For citizens, Civil ID Cards cost 5 KD, and for expatriates, they cost 10 KD. Each year, this fee must be renewed

It is important to pay the Civil ID Card fee on time to ensure that the card remains valid. It can be inconvenient when using government services if your Civil ID Card is suspended for nonpayment.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Online

Whether you renew online or in person, the Kuwait Civil ID Card renewal process is relatively straightforward. The following steps will guide you through the process of renewing your Kuwait Civil ID Card:

  • Ensure that all the necessary documents and information are available before renewing your Civil ID Card. The application requires a copy of a passport, a residency permit, and a passport-size photo.
  • To find out more about PACI, visit its official website.
  • In the menu bar, there is an option for “e-services”.
  • Choose “civil ID renewal” from the drop-down menu.
  • In addition to your name and contact information, please enter your Civil ID Card number.
  • Your passport-sized photo and the required documents should be uploaded.
  • Verify the details you entered before submitting your application.
  • Expatriates will have to pay 10 KD to renew their passports, while citizens will have to pay 5 KD. Paying via KNET or another method is also an option if you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Civil ID card in Kuwait?

All Kuwaiti citizens are required to have a Civil ID card. This document contains information required to complete loan applications and authenticate through the bank’s website.

How can I pay for my Civil ID card issuance fee?

A Civil ID issuance fee can be paid by entering the number of the Civil ID on the website of the Public Authority for Civil Information.

How much is the fee for the Civil ID card?

When the Civil ID Card is issued for the first time and every time it is renewed, the fee is KD5.

Can expatriates renew their Civil ID cards online?

The Kuwait Government Online website allows expats to renew their Civil ID cards.

Where can I buy the application form and special envelopes for Civil ID card applications?

The application form and special envelopes can be purchased from ”Express-Envelope” machines located in Coop supermarkets (250fils) by those on work or dependent visas who are renewing or changing their civil IDs, or those who are first-time applicants for a document’s servant’s Civil ID, or those who are applying for a baby’s first Civil ID.

What are the benefits of the Kuwait Civil ID card program?

As part of Kuwait’s eGovernment program, the Kuwait Civil ID card program was introduced in 2009. It contains information needed for completing loan applications and authenticating through the bank’s website. Through a reliable national identity card, Kuwaiti authorities have demonstrated how eGovernment can build confidence, and millions of Kuwaitis are taking advantage of it.


All Kuwaiti citizens are required to have a Kuwait Civil ID card. Kuwait Government Online offers the option to renew Civil ID cards for expats. The Public Authority for Civil Information website allows users to pay the fee for Civil ID issuance by entering their Civil ID number. To facilitate eGovernment services, Kuwait introduced the Civil ID card program in 2009. It contains information needed to authenticate online through the bank’s web portal and complete loan applications. Kuwait has demonstrated how a reliable national identity card can build trust in eGovernment, and millions of Kuwaitis are benefiting from digital government.

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