Civil ID Name Check Online – [Complete Guide 2024]

Individuals can check the accuracy of their name on their Kuwaiti civil ID document by using the Kuwaiti civil ID name check. It is important for individuals to ensure their Civil ID matches their actual name to avoid confusion or discrepancies in official records. This article will explain how to perform a Civil ID name check online.

Civil ID Name Check Online Step-By-Step Guide

If you follow these steps, you can check the spelling and accuracy of your civil ID name online:

  1. Visit Kuwait’s official Civil ID website by clicking on this link.
  2. Your ID card name and information can be checked by selecting the appropriate option.
  3. If you have a Civil ID number, please enter it.
  4. If you have any additional information to provide, such as your name or date of birth, please do so.
  5. Please submit your request.
  6. As soon as your information is verified, please wait.
  7. Once your information has been confirmed, your name will appear on your ID card.

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Kuwait Civil ID Validity

Using an expired or invalid Civil ID to prove your identity or residency is illegal. To avoid any legal repercussions, carry a valid and current Civil ID at all times.

To avoid misuse, notify the authorities as soon as possible if your Civil ID has been lost or damaged. In order to avoid legal problems and access the necessary services, it’s crucial to keep your Civil ID current and safe.

Civil ID Delivery Online

After applying for a Civil ID card in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) notifies the applicant when it is ready for delivery. Delivery information, such as delivery time and location, will be included in the notification. To receive a Civil ID, follow these steps:

Attend the delivery location on the specified date:

The Civil ID must be picked up by the applicant or a representative at the location specified in the PACI notification message.

Valid identification is required:

An applicant or representative must carry a valid identification document, such as a passport or driving license.

PACI notification message:

Please bring the PACI notification message, which includes the date, time, and location of the delivery.

Receive the Civil ID:

A Civil ID must be received by the applicant or representative on the specified delivery date.

Reschedule delivery:

It is possible to reschedule the Civil ID if the applicant cannot receive it on the specified date.

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Civil ID Payment

Now that individuals can make payments online for Civil IDs in Kuwait, it is becoming easier and more convenient to make payments. Follow these steps to make an online payment:

  1. You can visit the website of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).
  2. Under “e-Services,” click “Civil ID Delivery”.
  3. To proceed, please review the terms and conditions and click the “I Agree” button.
  4. Click “Continue” after entering your Civil ID number and mobile phone number.
  5. Click “Pay” after entering your payment details, such as your credit card number.
  6. Make sure your payment details are correct and confirm the transaction.
  7. Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a confirmation and receipt. Keep this receipt for your records.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the turnaround time for a Civil ID name check online?

By performing a quick and easy name check, you can easily check your Civil ID online in just a few minutes.

Can I check my Civil ID name online for free?

You can check civil ID names online for free using Kuwait’s PACI.

Does a Civil ID name check online require special equipment or software?

No, you only need a web browser and an internet-connected computer or mobile device to check Civil ID online.


To ensure the accuracy of their Civil ID Cards, Kuwaitis rely on the online civil id name checks service. You can complete the process quickly and easily at home or in the office.

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