Civil ID Delivery Request Online Kuwait 2024

Are you a non-Kuwaiti or Kuwaiti and are not sure how to deliver your paci civil id? That is not a problem. Our team is here to help you request a civil identification card step by step.

Because they have launched a new home delivery service, you may use a link provided by the public service PACI Kuwait Civil ID to access this service directly. Make an appointment in advance to get your civil identification.

Civil ID Delivery Request Online Kuwait

Civil ID cards can be delivered to citizens and residents at their doorstep without having to visit any PACI branches in Kuwait thanks to the delivery request link provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

Citizens and residents benefit from this service by being able to access government services via digital platforms rather than visiting the government’s main offices.

Civil ID Delivery Request Online Kuwait

Step 1: Click on the top corner of PACI’s official website to change Arabic to English. Read the following instructions carefully:

Step 2: All instructions must be accepted and read carefully. Click on the delivery company’s terms and conditions to accept them.

Step 3: If you have an old civil ID, click the rectangle that says Old civil ID card is available. Check the rectangle if you do not have an old identification card, if you do not have an old identification card.

Step 4: Please enter the number and serial number of your civil ID card in this box. The serial number of your civil ID can be found on the backside.

Step 5: Please enter your contact information, including your name, address, delivery date, phone number, email address, and preferred country. Please enter your contact information, including your name, address, delivery date, phone number, email address, and preferred country. Write your details after selecting the third option.

Step 6: You will see three options when writing your delivery address:

  • “Use card address.”
  • “Use another PACI address.”
  • “Enter address manually.”

Fill in the information as shown below and choose the option that best suits you:

Step 7: Once you have received your civil ID, confirm the delivery information you entered. If you enter your residential address, make sure you read it carefully.

Step 8: Once delivery information has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the payment page, and a confirmation receipt will be emailed to you; please print or save the receipt carefully.

Additional Information

  • They will contact you through the company’s call center after raising the delivery service request.
  • If you submit any other change request, the existing delivery request for your ID card will be canceled.
  • The delivery service criteria apply only to civil cards that are putatively eligible for delivery.

Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Contact Number

The number 22 06 65 50 can be contacted for more details about the civil id delivery request. You can also find out the status of your civil ID by calling 1889988.

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FAQs on Civil ID Delivery Request

How can I track my civil ID card delivery status?

If you enter your ID number on the PACI website, you can track the delivery of your civil ID card. Find out when your card will be delivered and what the status is.

Who is eligible for Civil ID delivery request?

All citizens and residents over the age of 5 having valid civil ID with more than one month validity.

How can I apply for Civil ID delivery request?

The PACI website has an application form for Civil ID delivery requests. To apply, follow these steps. 

  • If you still have your old Civil ID, check to see if it is available.
  • What is the link for requesting Civil ID delivery?
  • The PACI website has a link to request the delivery of Civil IDs.

How much does it cost to get Civil ID delivered to my home?

Civil IDs are delivered to your home for 2 KD.

Is there a delivery time frame for Civil ID delivery?

Civil IDs are delivered within a specific timeframe. Information about the delivery time and process can be found on the PACI website.

Can I request Civil ID delivery for someone else?

Civil IDs can be delivered to someone else on your behalf. The delivery information and the Civil ID must be provided, however.


In order to make Kuwait’s services more accessible and convenient, the delivery request for civil identification demonstrates the importance of digitization.

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