Kuwait Iqama Check 2024: Expiry, Validity | Complete Guide

As part of its mission of helping Kuwaitis verify their Iqama status, the Kuwait Iqama Check is managed by the Ministry of Interior (MOI). The objective of this article is to provide information about Kuwait Iqama verification online, renewal, and other services related to Kuwait Iqama. Now you can check the status of your Kuwait Civil ID online.

Kuwait Iqama Check 2024

In Kuwait, expatriates are required to verify their essential identity documents, known as Iqamas. In addition to serving as identification, they also grant access to various government benefits and services, such as:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Education Services
  • Legal Services
  • Employment Services
  • Social Services
  • Housing Services
  • Financial Services
  • Driving License
  • Residency-Related Services
  • Travel Services
  • Utilities
  • Public Transportation
  • Social Services
  • Labor and Employment Rights

How To Check Iqama in Kuwait?

Residents can check their Iqama status in Kuwait through an online platform provided by the Ministry of Interior. The steps are as follows:

  • Please visit the official website.
  • Click on ” E-services “.
  • Choose “General Departments of Residency”.
  • Choose ” Individual “.
  • Please select ” Individual Services Platform “.
  • Create a new account or log in to your existing one.
  • Choose the “Residency” category.
  • Confirm your Iqama status and select residency renewal.

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Online Kuwait Residency Renewal Process

You can renew your Kuwait Iqama check online instead of in person, which is convenient and efficient. You can extend your residency permit seamlessly if you follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website Moi.Gov.Kw.
  • Go to the ” E-services ” section and click on it.
  • Choose “General Departments of Residency”.
  • Choose ” Individual “.
  • Choose ” Individual Services Platform “.
  • Create a new account or log in to your existing one.
  • Choose the “Residency” category.
  • To renew, select “Renew”.
  • Please review any violations and click “Continue”.
  •  Click “Continue” after entering your mobile number.
  • Once you have clicked ” I agree “, click ” Pay & Renew “.
  • Hit “Submit” after entering your bank information.
  • Use the ” Receipt Printing ” option to print your receipt.
  • Make a copy of the payment receipt or save it for your records.

Kuwait Residency Validity Check

Checking your Kuwait residency status is as simple as following the steps below. If you need to renew your residency or if it is current, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Please visit the official website “From Here“.
  2. Check out the ” E-services ” section.
  3. Choose “General Departments of Residency”.
  4. You can select ” Individual “.
  5. Choose ” Individual Services Platform “.
  6. Create an account or log in.
  7. Click on “Residency”.
  8. For an Iqama to remain valid, it is necessary to renew residency.
  9. You are free to continue living in Kuwait as long as your residency is valid.
  10. If you have an expired license, renew it as soon as possible to maintain your legal standing.

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MOI Kuwait

The official online platform of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (Moi), www.moi.gov.kw, provides comprehensive information and services. Providing a user-friendly online interface for seamless access to Moi’s Arabic and English resources, this website is designed to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kuwait allow online renewal of Iqama?

When you meet the eligibility requirements and have the required documentation, you can renew your Iqama in Kuwait online through the Ministry of Interior’s website and e-services platform.

If I fail to renew my Iqama in Kuwait, what will happen?

Failure to renew your visa in Kuwait will result in a daily fine of two dinars per day of illegal stay.

Is the Kuwaiti Iqama valid for a certain period of time?

There is usually a ten-year validity period for Kuwait Resident Visas.


Kuwait’s iqama check system is overseen by the Ministry of Interior and allows residents to verify their residency status in a quick, easy manner. In embracing modern technology, the country ensures convenience and efficiency through its user-friendly online verification platform.

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