Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait – Complete Guide 2024

Traffic violations are tracked and penalized in Kuwait through traffic violation points. Under the Ministry of Interior, the General Traffic Department (GTD) implements the points system. An analysis of Kuwait’s traffic violations and their implications is presented in this article.

Kuwait Traffic Violation Points Guide

Drivers who commit traffic offenses can be penalized and regulated by traffic violation points. This system is administered by the General Traffic Department (GTD) of the Ministry of Interior.

In addition to encouraging responsible driving behavior, the program also discourages traffic violations. Whenever a driver violates traffic laws, points are added to their record. In the event that you accumulate too many points, you may be subject to penalties, fines, or even suspension of your license.

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Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait

Below we have listed the points associated with the most common traffic offenses:


Exceeding the speed limit will result in points being deducted based on its severity. Two points will be deducted for exceeding the speed limit by 15-30 km/h, while four points will be deducted for exceeding 30 km/h.

Running Red Lights:

Disregarding traffic signals and running red lights is a serious offense. Three points can negatively affect your driving record.

Driving while using a mobile device:

A four-point penalty can be imposed for using a mobile phone while driving.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI):

It is dangerous to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and it carries severe penalties. It is possible to receive 10 points for DUI offenses, as well as face legal consequences.

Reckless Driving:

If you swerve, tailgate, or change lanes excessively, you can get six points on your license.

Failure to Yield Right of Way:

Pedestrians and other vehicles can be deducted two points for failing to yield the right of way.

Driving without a Valid License:

Four points will be assessed to your driving record if you operate a vehicle without a valid license or with an expired license.

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Traffic Violation Points

It is important to note that traffic violation points can have several negative consequences that affect a driver’s life on a variety of levels. Accumulating points can lead to the following outcomes:

Fines and Penalties:

As you accumulate points, your fines and penalties increase. Fines will vary based on the number of points you have accumulated.

License Suspension:

A driver’s license can be temporarily suspended if they accumulate too many points. Your commute and daily routine can be significantly impacted.

Higher Insurance Premiums:

Insurers may charge higher premiums to drivers with a high number of traffic violations.

Probationary Period:

Getting too many points may lead to a probationary period during which the driver must demonstrate improved driving habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of traffic violation points on a driver’s license?

If Kuwaiti drivers reach a certain number of points, their licenses can be temporarily suspended. Suspension duration differs based on the number of points accumulated.

In Kuwait, how long are traffic violation points recorded on a driver’s record?

According to the severity of the offense, traffic violations remain on a driver’s record for one to three years.

Is it possible to remove traffic violations from a Kuwaiti driver’s record?

Kuwaiti drivers can remove traffic violation points from their records by taking defensive driving courses or maintaining a clean driving record.


Traffic violation points are an important tool for enforcing road safety and holding drivers accountable in Kuwait.

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