MOI Portal Kuwait 2024– Complete Guide

A number of important services and information can be accessed through the MOI Portal Kuwait, including visa applications, visa renewals, traffic fine payments, residency permits, and more. Kuwaitis are interacting with the Ministry of Interior in a different way thanks to the features and services offered by the MOI Portal.

MOI Portal Kuwait Guide

Kuwait’s MOI portal offers a variety of digital services to individuals, businesses, and the government. Among the services offered are:

  • Kuwaitis can inquire about passport information through this service.
  • Providing Kuwaiti voters with access to information about their registration.
  • Service for inquiring about warranty information.
  • A service that provides non-Kuwaitis with information about residency and fine values if their residency expires.
  • Inquiry service for visa data.
  • Information service for driving licenses.
  • Vehicle licensing data inquiry service.
  • Information about traffic fines provided by a data inquiry service.
  • Service for inquiring about travel bans.
  • Judgment execution data inquiry service.
  • Your visa application status can be checked online.

MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has created a digital platform to help people find information about traffic violations and fines through its MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine. In addition to providing information about paying traffic fines, the service allows users to check their fine details.

By entering their traffic violation number, users can view the fine details on the MOI Portal Traffic website. Kuwaitis will be able to pay their traffic fines more conveniently through this system, which aims to streamline the payment process.

MOI Portal Kuwait

How can I check my traffic violations in Kuwait?

To avoid potential repercussions associated with unpaid traffic fines, individuals should stay informed before using the MOI Traffic Fine Check service. Following these simple steps can help you find out whether you still owe any fines:

  • You can access MOI’s website or mobile application.
  • Your vehicle’s registration number or traffic violation number should be entered.
  • If you want to know what penalties and fines are unpaid, you can retrieve them.

Kuwait MOI Portal

There is an official website for Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior, There is an English version for non-Arabic speakers, and an Arabic version for Arabic speakers.

The digital services it offers include applying for visas, renewing visas, paying traffic fines, and applying for residency permits. In addition, the kuwaitcivilidstatus provides information on activities and services offered by the Ministry of Interior.

MOI Kuwait Residency Information

Foreign nationals who live and work in Kuwait can take advantage of a variety of digital services provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI). Among the features offered by Kuwait Residency Information are:

  1. Procedures for obtaining and renewing Kuwait residency permits.
  2. Information on the fees associated with each residency permit.
  3. Applications and renewals of residency permits are also available online.
  4. Users can easily access the information they need on the MOI website or via the MOI mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MOI Portal in Kuwait?

Residents and citizens of Kuwait can apply for visas, residency permits, and pay traffic violations through the MOI Portal in Kuwait.

How can I check my residency status in Kuwait?

By entering your account login information, including your username, you can check your residency status in Kuwait.

What are the new online services launched by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior?

Kuwaiti residents and citizens can now renew their passports and apply for visas and residency permits online, as well as pay for traffic violations.

How can I access the MOI Portal in Kuwait?

Logging in with your account information on the Ministry of Interior website will allow you to access the Kuwait MOI Portal.

What services can I inquire about on the Kuwait Government Online Personal Inquiry page?

Citizens and residents of Kuwait can inquire about passport and election records on Kuwait Government’s Online Personal Inquiry page.

Can I apply for a Kuwait e-Visa on the MOI Portal?

Kuwait’s MOI Portal offers e-Visa services for visitors to apply for a Kuwait e-Visa.


In Kuwait, the MOI Portal provides residents and citizens with easy access to government services online. Applications for visas, residency permits, traffic violation payments, and passport renewals are available through the portal. Public Authority for Civil Information offers a service to inquire about the validity and status of Civil IDs, which is required for various purposes, including opening bank accounts and accessing government services. 

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