How To Get Kuwait Civil ID Fast 2024? [Complete Guide]

Where can I get my Kuwait Civil ID fast? Citizens in many countries need a Civil ID to prove their identity. Obtaining your Civil ID promptly becomes crucial in certain situations. To assist you in obtaining your Civil ID quickly and efficiently, this article outlines a streamlined process.

How to Get Kuwait Civil ID Fast? Step By Step Guide

Step 1:

It is imperative that you ensure that you truly need your Civil ID urgently before proceeding with the expedited process. You may need to identify yourself immediately due to a travel situation, legal issue, or other significant circumstances.

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Step 2:

You need to visit the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Head Office once you’ve determined the urgency of obtaining your Civil ID. Managing civil documentation and processing Civil ID requests is the responsibility of this central hub.

Step 3:

Approach the designated counter at the PACI Head Office to request an expedited Civil ID. Be clear about your genuine reason for urgency, and provide any supporting documentation if necessary. You will be assisted in the proper submission process by the staff.

Step 4:

Your expedited application will be updated in PACI’s system once you’ve submitted your request. Initiating the accelerated Civil ID processing through this step is crucial.

Step 5:

It may take up to two days for the system update to take effect. Your expedited Civil ID is prepared while the PACI processes your request.

Step 6:

Your Civil ID can be collected or delivered after the processing period has expired.


Your expedited Civil ID can be collected in person once again at the PACI Head Office. For verification, make sure you have your original supporting documents.


If you prefer, you can have your order delivered to your home. The PACI will arrange for your expedited Civil ID to be delivered to your registered address.

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In certain situations, it is imperative to obtain your Civil ID as quickly as possible. Your genuine need for the Civil ID can be met quickly by following this expedited process outlined above.

Maintain a clear line of communication with the PACI staff throughout the process by providing accurate information. Your expedited Civil ID will be ready in just a few days, whether you decide to collect it in person or have it delivered.

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